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About Leroy Hill Coffee Company®

Leroy Hill was an all-American success story. He started with nothing, learned his business from the bottom up, and spent more than 50 years perfecting the coffee trade. His company, the former Hill & Brooks®, renamed Leroy Hill Coffee Company Inc.®, in 1999, is head-quartered in Mobile, Alabama.

Leroy Hill Corporate Office Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Office
Leroy Hill was an old-fashioned businessman who guided his company’s growth over five decades. His goal was always to “produce the ultimate cup of coffee for the American public at a fair and reasonable price.” His personal message, which is included on each package of the company’s products, speaks directly to the consumer: “Neither time, trouble, nor expense were spared in creating this unique, rare, and full-bodied coffee.” It’s a message he insisted upon from the beginning, and it echoes his belief that everyone deserves the best cup of coffee that man and money can produce.

Freight Trucks at Leroy Hill Coffee Distribution in Mobile, Alabama
Freight Trucks at Mobile Distribution
A proud Mobile tradition, Leroy Hill Coffee Company, Inc.® experienced phenomenal growth under Hill’s leadership. “The free enterprise system will work if you do,” he insisted. Originally serving an institutional market including restaurants, businesses and hotels in five Southern states, Hill added self-service centers in convenience stores during the ‘80s. The company started its retail operation in late 1989 - finally, customers were able to bring the taste of Hill & Brooks® coffee and tea into their own homes.  (Hill & Brooks® is now known as Leroy Hill Coffee Company®.)

In the early ‘90s, Leroy Hill made news with his plans for a multi-milliondollar expansion of the company that more than doubled the size of its plant. The facility in Mobile is where the coffee is roasted, packaged, and distributed. “When you believe in your product, have quality people at your side and the support of thousands of loyal customers, the growth will come,” Hill told the Mobile Press Register in 1992, and he was right. The several million dollar, 30,000-square foot expansion increased Hill & Brooks® (currently known as Leroy Hill Coffee Company®) retail presence beyond the Southeast. The equipment, including a German manufactured coffee roaster, produces the equivalent of millions of cups of coffee per week.

The expansion also brought on the addition of new coffees – Leroy Hill® Gold and Decaf, and that Southern staple, tea. After Jay Grelen, the former Mobile Register columnist and noted iced tea connoisseur, told Saveur magazine in its July 1999 issue that he only uses Hill & Brooks® tea to make his “sweet tea,” the company’s mail order business flourished.

Although the coffee and tea will retain their “old fashioned” flavor, new, state-of-the-art packaging will earn the products more attention. As business still continues to change to meet customers’ demands, we remain focused on personal and professional commitments.  He firmly believed that in this great country, a young person could climb the ladder of success if he worked hard enough – he is proof of that. He had faced many adversities through his life. There is one saying he had to live by many times: “A boy can get knocked down, and he will stay down. A man can get knocked down and he will get up and be a better man.”

Hill gave lots of credit to his loyal employees for contributing to his company’s success, and he relied on the love and support of his wife, Debbie, and his strong faith in God. As Leroy Hill would tell you, “Don’t look back, throw the rear view mirror out the window and move forward on a positive path.” Leroy Hill Coffee Company looks forward to the new millennium with new energy and vision.

Tractor Trailer that delivers to all our service centers
Tractor Trailer that Delivers to all our Service Centers

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"Neither time, trouble, nor expense were spared in creating this unique, rare and full-bodied coffee. For over 50 years it has been my goal to professionally blend and package the ultimate coffee for the American consumer at a fair and reasonable price. I know you will enjoy it and I DO THANK YOU!"

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